About Kimma

Hi, I'm Kimma Smith ~ I’m a self-taught artist and am head-over-heels in love with watercolor. My soul delights in creating gorgeous, dreamy, magical abstracts and loose, expressionistic, floral watercolor paintings.

I also adore creating colorful watercolor illustrations. I love to draw and paint sweet characters, pretty everyday objects, and florals. To these I often add gel pens, watercolor pencils, and almost always graphite pencil. 

My Inspirations

I am inspired by nature, color, and watercolor itself. Watercolor does enchanting things all on it’s on. Truly magical things happen by simply dropping watercolor into other wet colors or just dropping a color into a clear wet spot on watercolor paper, and letting the watercolor do its thing. Adding splashes of water and sprinkles of salt do spellbinding things, causing blooms of magic to appear before your eyes.

As I’m sure you can tell, watercolor has captured my heart and soul. It never fails to engage my mind and delight my inner child.


I’ve learned from many artists through online classes who have taught me so many wonderful things.

Danielle Donaldson taught me how to paint with watercolor in a truly magical way and she inspires my imagination with “what if” questions, playing with scale.

Mindy Lacefield taught me how to be playful and invite my inner 8-year-old to create with me.

Kelly Rae Roberts taught me that anything is possible. Being witness to her art journey over the past ten plus years has been so inspiring to watch.

Tracy Verdugo taught me to paint loosely and to experiment with many different mediums and subject matter.

Flora Bowley taught me how to be bold and brave and how to paint intuitively. She taught me about mark making and texture. She taught me that it’s normal for our paintings to go through an awkward teenager phase, and to just push through until you come out the other side.

Besides making art...

My other creative passions are music and writing. I play the classic (silver) flute and Native American flutes. I'm also teaching myself to play the ukulele. 

I'm an avid journaler, often writing in my journal several times a day. I dream of writing (and illustrating) children's books and have several ideas for adult novels, and I write the occasional poem.

Thank you so much for stopping by my home on the internet. I hope you'll stay a while. I plan on blogging about my journey to become a full time artist.

If there is anything you'd like to know about me or that you'd like me to blog about, I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me here or write directly to me at kimmasmithart@gmail.com. 

Wishing you oodles of creative joy, 








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