My first repeat pattern!

watercolor_florals_bright - Larger Elements copy.jpg

Although it's not perfect, this repeat pattern represents so much for me. It's been many years that I have longed to be able to learn to make my own repeat patterns, but I thought it would be practically impossible.

My first hurdle was that I didn't feel my painting skills were up to par. And I wasn't sure if I'd ever have my own painting style. I was a great copier, but I had such a difficult time taking what I'd learned from the many online classes I had taken and turning that into my own thing.

Loose Watercolor Florals Bright Desk Shot.jpg

My second hurdle, which I deemed as my Mount Everest, was Photoshop. I knew absolutely nothing about Photoshop, and the few times I played around with it left me feeling even more confused and hopeless than ever.

And, finally, my third hurdle… A few years ago my fibro-fogged brain started interfering with my ability to learn and retain new things. Things that I would normally have learned in a couple of hours before the fibro gremlins started taking over, now took months of repeating and going back and re-learning over and over and over again.

Add to that the middle-aged brain thing (hello even more forgetfulness) and I had almost given up even trying to learn something so complicated as not only Photoshop, but the actual making of repeat patterns, which when you’re first starting to learn, is quite difficult.

Elements to add to my repeat pattern.

Elements to add to my repeat pattern.

But if nothing else, I am a persistent little sucker and I have this "Oh yeah? You think you can beat me/control me/tell me I can’t? Just watch me." attitude (sometimes not such a great thing, but this time a very good thing!).

And so I climbed that mountain, fighting all kinds of fear monsters along the way. Fear of failure. Fear that I would never be able to pursue my dream of being a licensed artist in the home decor and fabric markets. Fear that I’d never find my own original art voice. Fear that my repeat patterns would suck.

More elements for my repeat pattern.

More elements for my repeat pattern.

I am SO thankful that I didn't give up.

I kept practicing painting with watercolors until I got something that was my own and that I loved.

Scan 22 copy.jpeg

I love my first original repeat pattern so much! It’s so bright and cheerful and pretty. I can’t wait to make more! And I can see making repeat patterns becoming a bit of a happy obsession. It is so much fun!

Getting to see my pattern on an actual product is thrilling!! Doing these mockups was quite the challenge. It took me two hours of wrestling with the mockup template and figuring out how to actually get my pattern into the file that says “Paste your photo here.”

I’m not even quite sure how it suddenly worked, but thankfully it did (…and hopefully it won’t take me two hours to do it again next time ;) ).

My plan is to put this pattern on all kinds of different products to sell through either Printify or Printful. I’m also going to make some prints to sell, both physical prints and downloadable art prints.

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